Like most boys and girls, the sisters behind Market Twenty Seven grew up in a home of severe dysfunction. Their upbringing was
rife with daily lashings, criticism, and ridicule (amongst other self-esteem crushing activities).

As a result, these girls learnt not how to be decent, loving or kind, but rather they realized that love can be shown through many
different channels, including, but not limited to: sarcasm, cruelty and (playfully) offensive remarks.

Alas, Market Twenty Seven has been years in the making, and lucky for you these girls have finally decided to share their
judgmental brilliance with the world.

Yes my friend, gone are the days of sappy greeting cards with ridiculous, loser-rich slogans and phrases. Unless you grew up in
a happy home with a mom and dad who told you they loved you, or even worse, have yet to divorce, then you don’t want to
shame yourself by giving out one of those lame-town junk cards to your besties.

Now go on, get off your fat ass, and tell one and all, Market Twenty Seven is here! Get your cards, prints, tanks and tees!

God damn it — they have it all.